Argos investigates organized abuse in the Netherlands

Argos, the research program of broadcasting organizations VPRO and Human, conducted research into organized sexual abuse. You can watch the program here. Last year Argos investigated Lisa’s story.

During Argos’ initial research around Lisa’s story, they learned that at least 40 people are currently treated at different Trauma Centers for early childhood trauma caused by organized abuse, in addition to an unknown number of people being treated at other institutions or by independent specialists. Moreover, there are victims who do not receive treatment (anymore).

Clearly, too little is known or documented on the topic of organized abuse, causing it to persist.
Several victims approached Argos stating that they would like to share their story, but that they prefer to do so based on an (anonymous) survey.
Argos therefore developed a questionnaire with help from trauma psychologists and victims.
On the one hand, the research team wanted to gain more insight into the experiences of victims dealing with organized abuse.
On the other hand, they wanted to investigate whether their answers were consistent and could serve as starting points for further journalistic research.