The immediate trigger for the action taken to establish the TGG Knowledge Center is fact that the government ignored the results of an investigation commissioned by that same government:

In 1993, the Department of Justice, Department of Youth and Health Care, and the Medical Inspection Office for Mental Health established the „Investigation Unit Ritual Abuse“.
The assignment was to define and describe the issues and, if necessary, make proposals for further investigation and / or the need for reporting procedures.

This Ritual Abuse Working Group defined ritual abuse as follows:

„Ritual and group sexual sadism toward multiple children coupled with extreme forms of physical violence and threats.“

In 1994, the Working Group reported on its findings and made several recommendations to its clients, which included setting up a Council in order to continue to monitor signals and reports on ritualized abuse.

Ten years later it turned out that nothing had been done with the recommendations made to the Ministry and the Inspection Office.

Hence, we established the Alternative Consultation Foundation in 2005 as an alternative to the Council envisaged by the Working Group. In 2019 we changed the name into Knowledge Center TGG. The Foundation TGG Knowledge Center wants to continue the research into ritualized abuse.

You can download the full report of the „Investigation Unit Ritual Abuse“ below: