The TGG Knowledge Center has the following mission statement:

Investigate the existence of organized abuse in the Netherlands.

The TGG Knowledge Center wants to continue the research project on the existence of ritualized abuse in the Netherlands, started in 1993 by the Dutch government. By gathering and comparing the experiences of survivors and / or their therapists and care providers, we want to shed light on the reality and content of the repeated testimonials and reports on organized abuse in the Netherlands.

We would also like to remove the taboos that surround the subject of organized abuse and break the silence within the relevant professional sectors (relief work, justice, health services).

Another objective is to increase expertise within the care sector. We offer opportunities for inter- and supervision to provide the best possible support to the judicial officer, therapist, social worker or informal care provider.

Within the limited options available, we support survivors to find appropriate professional help.

We do not suffer from the illusion that we will discover an unambiguous truth about ritualized abuse. Raising awareness that reports of ritualized abuse could be part of a terrible reality would already be a big step forward for the occupational groups involved.

We appreciate receiving information from those who are confronted professionally or personally with survivors of organized abuse. Because of our limited team and resources, we realize that there is a limit to the extent to which we can achieve our goals.