Kenniscentrum TGG Foundation Brochure

Our brochure is meant to create more awareness among social workers and other professionals who may encounter survivors of ritual abuse and organized violence within their line of work. As a result of the structural abuse the victims often develop a dissociative identity disorder (DID, a multiple personality disorder), a diagnosis which is essential to heal the complex trauma these survivors have.

Kenniscentrum TGG, founded in 2005, initially under the name “Alternatief Beraad”, conducts research to decrease the ignorance, incomprehension and disbelief around these forms of abuse (also amongst social workers, doctors and police agents).

The aim is to encourage recognition and support for survivors (both within the social support and health care system and within society as a whole) by offering the results of research and thereby breaking the taboo surrounding
ritual abuse. This brochure is one of the tools we offer, so feel free to share it widely.

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