Alison Miller – Working Through Your Traumatic Memories and Destroying the Mind Control

Dr Alison Miller is a Canadian Psychologist

Alison Miller wrote two books:

  • “Becoming yourself” (for survivors).
  • “Healing the unimaginable” (for therapists).

Alison Miller has written several chapters about ritual abuse and mind control in :

  • Noblitt & Noblitt’s Ritual Abuse in the 21st century (2008),
  • Breitenbach’s Inside Views (2015),
  • Sinason & van der Merwe’s Shattered: Multiple Selves, Multiple Voices  (2016)
  • Gingrich & Gingrich’s Treating Trauma in Christian Counseling (2017).

Warning: Be careful while watching this video. None of these videos is intended as a therapy or as a replacement for a therapy.

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