Board of the Foundation

The Alternative Council is a Foundation of volunteers governed by:

  • Anne de Vries, chairman
  • Herry Vos,
  • Bas Kremer, secretary

(mr) Anne de Vries

Anne de Vries (after serving in two other Baptist congregations) got in touch with a number of incest survivors in his third congregation in Emmen, The Netherlands. His pastoral interest was triggered and thanks to a growing network of contacts in women’s counselling a/o, he got involved in the interdenominational workgroup (later: foundation) ‘Religion and incest’ in the Dutch provinces Groningen and Drenthe. He was part of that workgroup for 9 years as advisor and board secretary. During his proceedings as a Baptist preacher in Hengelo he co-operated with the Interdenominational Workgroup against Sexual Violence in Twente. The pastoral practice of the various local congregations had a growing number of people who requested aid because of this problemacy. As more survivors told their story, it became clear to him that in several cases it was a matter of sexual ritual violence against children and adults.

Through contacts made, the work group (later: foundation) Alternative Deliberation was formed, with the objective to do research on experiences of relief workers who (had) encountered victims of SRA.

His involvement with this matter comes primarily from his stated desire to help people who directly or secondarily suffer and have suffered from this, and to contribute to further expertise within the relief in the field of victim aid. His theological background (Baptists-evangelical) provides him with the necessary motivation.



H.P.J. Vos



Bas Kremer