The immediate cause for their campaign, is the fact that the government ignored results of an investigation which was requested by that same government:

In 1993, the Department of Justice, together with the Department of Youth and Health Care and the Medical Department of Mental Health, decided to start up the ‘Investigation Unit Ritual Abuse’. They were assigned the task of defining and mapping out the issue and, if necessary, formulating further need for investigation and/or the need for reporting procedures.

The Investigation Unit Ritual Abuse defined ritual abuse as follows:
“Ritualistic and sadistic sexual abuse executed in group settings against multiple children, in combination with extreme forms of physical violence and threat.”

In 1994 the Investigation Unit reported their findings and gave certain recommendations to the requesting bodies, such as forming a Council, so that signals and reports of ritual abuse could be followed up on a long-term basis. 10 years later it became apparent that nothing had been done with these recommendations. That is why in 2005 the Alternative Council was established as an alternative to the council suggested by the Investigation Unit. The Alternative Council aims to continue the investigations into ritual abuse.

The full report of the Investigation Unit Ritual Abuse can be read by clicking on the following link:

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