The Alternative Council has the following objectives:

  • Conduct research on the existence of ritual abuse in the Netherlands. The Alternative Council wants to continue the research project, on the existence of ritual abuse in the Netherlands, that was started in 1993 by the Dutch government.  (Read more here…)By gathering and comparing the experiences of survivors and/or their therapists, we are trying to shed light on the reality content of the repeated reports of ritual abuse.

    We also hope to get more insight into the content of the reportings. We aim to find recurring patterns and methods of influence, and the results thereof, within the settings in which the reported abuse took place.

    We have no illusions that we will discover the truth univocally on the subject of ritual abuse.

    It would already be a big achievement if awareness increases to include the possibility that the reports of ritual abuse could indeed be part of a horrible reality.

  • We would also like to relieve the subject of its taboo and break the silence within the relevant occupational sectors (-e.g.- social support, the justice department, health services).
  • Pass information on to individuals who, in their professional or private realm come across survivors of ritual abuse.

    We publish the findings of research done by others and ourselves. We maintain a bibliography. If possibilities are available, we help find appropriate professional help.

  • Increasing expertise
    We offer opportunity for inter- and supervision to expand the competence of the social worker.

Due to our restricted team, we realise that we can only realise our goals to a limited degree.