About the TGG Knowledge Center


The TGG (the Dutch abbreviation for Transgenerational Organized Violence) Knowledge Center is formed by a group of professionals who, in their work, deal or dealt with survivors of organized abuse.

The foundation wants to bring this form of abuse to the attention of the public with the aim of ensuring that victims are respected and recognized, so that they can be helped and treated more effectively. The TGG Knowledge Center supports this through research, publications, information and referrals.

How do we define Transgenerational Organized Violence (TOV)

We searched for a while for the right words to describe this specific type of organized violence against children.  It was a quest for us to phrase it as carefully as possible. Professionals from Top Reference Trauma Centers, Safe at Home, the Dutch Common Health Service, Fier (Violence in Dependency Relationships Expertise & Treatment Center), STJW [staat voor??] and other experts brainstormed with us. We then revisited our definition during several years in a combined effort.

The definition as it stands today appears to be the final product for the time being but remains open for revision. Hence, we call it a working definition.

There are various forms of organized abuse. Here, we are referring to the form in which transgenerational and organized violence towards children takes place, with the aim of “training” them in such a way as to make them suitable for child prostitution.

When we use the term Sadistic Ritual Abuse, we mean Transgenerational Organized Violence. The new definition of Transgenerational Organized Violence (which replaced the older terminology of SRA) is:

TOV involves repeated, organized, systematic and sadistic abuse of people – ranging from babies to children to adults – physically, psychologically, sexually and / or emotionally, usually in groups.


  • Utilization of rituals, learning programs, mind control [LINK!], disinformation, isolation and making victims complicit. This results in serious dissociative personality issues [LINK!] among victims, with the aim of total control over the victims / perpetrators. Sometimes control seems to be the sole goal within a pseudo-religious setting, however, this same process takes place within group compositions in which religious references play no role.
  • Based on the dissociative personality structure of the individual victims, these people can still function and merge into our society, despite the often-described links with (serious) crime, pornography, (child) prostitution, human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.
  • These networks are mostly transgenerational and appear to consist of various closed (family) systems which operate outside of the framework of our society.
  • The usual goal seems to be that children can be rented out to closed groups, parallel networks where the children are prostituted.
  • In addition to human trafficking, exploitation and (child) prostitution, it seems that drug trafficking and personal motives like exercising power over vulnerable groups and individuals through (quasi) religious rituals play a role.

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The texts and images on this website can be shocking. We advise survivors of ritualized abuse to visit this website only while in company of a trusted person, who is not a survivor of ritualized abuse.