The Alternative Council Foundation

drawing-ritual-violenceWelcome to the website of The Alternative Council Foundation (in Dutch: Stichting Alternatief Beraad). This non profit foundation is formed by a group of professionals who have (had) encounters with survivors of (satanic) ritual abuse in their profession.

They want to bring this form of abuse to your attention with the aim that the survivors are respected and recognized as well as making better aid and treatment possible. This is done through research, publications, information and referral.

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What is Sadistic Ritualized Abuse?

By SRA we mean Transgenerational, Organized Violence (TGG – Dutch acronym). This involves the repetitive, organized, systematic and sadistic abuse of people – ranging from very young children to adults – on a physical, psychological, sexual and / or emotional level, mostly done in groups.


  • Included are the use of rituals, programming, mind-control, disinformation, isolation and forced complicity in victimizing. This leads to serious dissociative disorders among victims, with the aim of total control over the victims / perpetrators. Sometimes this only seems to be the goal within a pseudo-religious setting, but often this also takes place within groups where religion plays no role whatsoever.
  • Using the dissociative personality structure of the individual victim, these people can function within, and merge with, our society. This despite the links that are often placed with (serious) crime, pornography, (child) prostitution, human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.
  • These networks are mostly transgenerational and seem to consist of a number of closed (family) systems and operate hidden from society.
  • The goal seems to be that children can be hired by private groups, parallel networks, where the children are then prostituted.
  • In addition to human trafficking, exploitation and (child) prostitution, drug trafficking and personal motives, such as exercising power over vulnerable groups and individuals, seem to play a role.

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The texts and images on this website can be shocking. We advise survivors of ritualized abuse to only visit this website in company of a trusted person who is not a survivor of ritualized abuse.