A brave biography

In this fascinating story in blog format, Janneke describes her search for a cure for her, initially unclear, symptoms.

A fruitless ramble through the Dutch health care system – the Regional Institute for Outpatient Mental Health Care, psychotherapy, psychiatric institutions – leads her to self-help with the therapies of Stettbacher and Jenson (similar to the nowadays better known Byron Katie) to work through the traumas of a childhood filled with psychological, physical and sexual abuse.

Her substantiated view and explanation of her own journey offers valuable insights and handles for therapists and survivors who want to guide themselves. Often a necessity because the pattern of such complex trauma is regularly not properly recognized and treated, causing victims to be labelled and drugged instead of cured.

She has chosen to write her story in English to make this biography of a self-healing available to a wider audience than just a Dutch audience. Please forgive the mistakes of a non-native speaker.