What is Sadistic Ritualized Abuse (SRA)?

Rituals can be found everywhere in daily life: the way someone wishes you blessings, the way you put on your socks every day, and of course there are birth and marriage rituals. Rituals are linked to a lot of things in our lives. They have a cohesive function in a group and by the repetition they ensure continuity in a group or society.

Ritualized abuse is the systematic sadistic mistreat of children, adults and animals in a ritual setting. The ideology of a group is used to justify the abuse and the abuse is used to uphold the group ideology. In principal, many ideologies can serve as a basis. Satanism is one of those ideologies. Sometimes, the purpose of the abuse is the production of (child) pornographic material. The abuse then takes place in a ritual setting to make the material more ‘attractive’ to certain groups of customers.

The victims are often programmed in a purposeful, calculated manner.
Survivors almost always have dissociative identity disorder (DID). They live in great fear and distress and at the same time have a strong survival instinct.

Ritualized abuse occurs in every layer of the population. In literature, we can roughly distinguish three groups:

  1. Family or transgenerational networks: adults who were abused by a sadistic cult as a child and who are now abusing their own children or letting them be abused. This tradition can continue throughout many generations.
  2. Non familiar: groups who are not connected by family ties, but by the ideology or purpose of the group. The abuse takes place in a group setting. Children can be “recruited” at day care centers, schools, churches and through other social groups. Also, the women in the group bear children who they “give away” to be abused by the other members of the group. These groups can also persist for many generations.
  3. Ad hoc groups: a number of people who together form a new group with new ideologies and rituals.

Ritualized abuse can consist of: physical, emotional, mental and sexual forms of abuse.
There are no specific laws against ritualized abuse.

The perpetrators want their activities to remain secret. They intimidate and terrorize their victims to ensure they remain silent.

It is hard to understand that human values are exceeded in such an extreme way and it is hard to believe that such a form of abuse actually occurs.  Due to the lack of understanding and denial in society ánd by the (programmed) silence of the victims and survivors, it is extremely difficult to prove the existence of this form of abuse. Despite that, survivors have the right that their experiences are heard and taken seriously. That is what the Alternative Council wants to make a contribution to.

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