What is Organized Abuse?

There has been a shift in the way we look at and talk about organized and ritualized abuse. An increasingly clear picture is emerging in which the focus moves towards transgenerational, organized child prostitution as a core business rather than considering that there is an ideology behind.
There are groups in which Satan seems to play a major role and almost identical groups in which Satan does not play any role whatsoever, but in which, for example, one only talks about “the master”, or where children are prostituted in the name of God.
In this sense, Satan and the rituals described by certain clients appears to be primarily a means of exercising power.

Clients often distinguish between the group of the cult in which they grew up and the different groups in which they were prostituted where there were no rituals.

These days we are talking about organized human trafficking and (child) prostitution. The rituals seem more like a cover, and above all a system to guarantee DID (dissociative identity disorder), secrecy and total power over the children who are brainwashes, prostituted and trained to be sex slaves.

The new definition of Transgenerational Organized Violence (which replaced the older terminology of Sadistic Ritual Abuse) is:

TOV involves repeated, organized, systematic and sadistic abuse of people – ranging from babies to children to adults – physically, psychologically, sexually and / or emotionally, usually in groups.

General information about ritualized abuse:

Transgenerational Organized Violence occurs amongst all social classes. In the literature, we can roughly distinguish three groups:

  1. family or transgenerational networks: adults whom as a child, were abused themselves by a network and who now abuse their own children or allow them to be abused. This tradition can carry on for many generations.
  2. not familial: groups that are not linked by family ties, but by the ideology or purpose of the group. The abuse takes place in groups. Children are “recruited” in day care centers, schools, churches and through other social groups. Women within the group also give birth to children that they hand over to be abused by the other members of the group. These groups can last many generations.
  3. ad hoc groups: people who come together to form a new group with new ideologies and rituals.

Ritualized abuse can include physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse.

In the Netherlands, there are no specific laws against ritual abuse.

The perpetrators want their activities to remain secret. They intimidate and terrorize their victims to keep them silent.

It is difficult to understand that human norms and values ​​are being violated in such an extreme way and thus hard to believe that such abuse really does occur. Due to the incomprehension and denial in society and the (programmed) silence of the victims and survivors, it is extremely difficult to legally demonstrate the existence of this form of abuse. Despite this, survivors have the right to be heard and to share their experiences while being taken seriously. As a knowledge center, it is our goal to contribute to this.

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