Follow-up investigation organized abuse: for care providers

Why and how? Many years have passed since we received the first questionnaires from our initial survey a few years ago. Since then, a lot has changed, socially, politically, in the provision of assistance, and our knowledge of the phenomenon of „sexual abuse within a network“ has increased significantly.
Earlier we informed you how our understanding of the nature and form of this network abuse has evolved into what we now call „Transgenerational Organized Violence“ (TGG), which includes ritualized abuse.

Because of all this, and because a different group of care providers is currently working with other clients, we felt that the time had come to make an inventory of the size and nature of organized abuse in the Netherlands. This has also recently been done abroad, such as Germany.

As you know, VPRO Argos radio has submitted a questionnaire to victims of Transgenerational Organized Violence. That is another reason why it seems useful to us to ask care providers about their experiences.

We have taken the original questionnaires as a starting point. We have updated these in close consultation with the Argos team – for which we are incredibly grateful to them.

Again, there are two questionnaires: a short one, which serves to gain insight into whether the care provider fits into our target group (i.e. whether she / he has experience with this group of clients), and a long one. The latter takes a much deeper look at those experiences.

As soon as we receive a completed shortlist questionnaire, we assess it and if we decide that the person completing the list is eligible to also submit the longlist, we will contact her / him to ask whether they are willing to do so.

Naturally, everything is completely anonymized during the processing, so that neither the care provider nor the client (s) are recognizable.

We urge all care providers to fill in the short list and send us their answers. We also ask them to pass on the shortlist to colleagues who work or have worked with TGG clients.

Finally, we would also like to ask all clients who receive this Newsletter to provide their practitioner with the list and request that they complete it.

A special request to informal caretakers: the questionnaire is not intended for you, but we would like to know a few things about you as well: how many TWA client (s) you work with and for how long; and whether this client (s) also have a counseling contact. If the latter is the case, we would very much appreciate if you informed those care provider(s) of our questionnaire and ask them to complete and send it. Let us know, thank you so much in advance.

Thank you all very much in advance. We will of course keep you informed of developments.

You are welcome to send any information related to this topic to

Where in this questionnaire it says TOV, it means „Transgenerational Organized Violence“. For more information, see our website

1. What is your work situation: independently, in an institution, …?

2. How many clients in total did or do you work with, and how many of them have had to deal with TOV?

3. As for the TOV clients, who made the diagnosis, you yourself or someone else?

4. Have you yourself observed indications that pointed strongly in the direction of ritualized abuse, i.e. independent of what others told you, described or drew? Can you elaborate on this?

5. Have you heard descriptions of programming / conditioning / brainwashing methods in contact with your client? Can you tell us more about this?

6. Have you heard or read texts of, for example, hypnotic inductions, programming, assignments, verses, songs, adaptations of texts from the Bible, Satanism, Freemasonry and the like, or have you obtained detailed information about a particular common way of communicating within such an abusive group / pedo-sexual network?

7. Have you heard or observed things that gave you the impression that there could be sexual abuse in a pedo-sexual network / sect or group?

8. Have you ever been informed about certain places where meetings would take place?

9. Have you ever seen suspect scars, which could not possibly have been made by the victim, or have they ever been observed by a known and reliable witness, e.g. a physician? The same with regard to comments from the client about other physically applied items (such as glass in the vagina)?

10. Have you ever received confirmation from third parties of your suspicion that someone else (other than your client) was a victim of a pedo-sexual network and / or participant in ritual violence committed in a group? For example within an intervision group?

11. Have you ever perceived any signals, or evidence, that a client’s story is incorrect?

12. Are you prepared in principle to participate in the follow-up study?

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