Report organized abuse

We collect as much information as possible for our investigation into the prevention of organized abuse. This could be information provided directly by survivors and their personal environment, or information that therapists or other care providers observed or heard from their clients.

We classify your information and compare the data with information from other respondents. With these data collections we work to gain a completer and more nuanced picture of experiences with organized abuse.

By comparing as many experiences as possible, we can see where these experiences overlap, and we can discover certain patterns. We may not be able to legally prove the truthfulness of the experiences by doing this, but in our opinion repeatedly reported experiences have a higher probability level.

Obviously, we treat your information with respect. What you say is anonymized. We do not ask for names and other details of your clients. Before we use your anonymized information for reports, we will first contact you for your consent.

You can register as a respondent using the contact form below. You will then receive a questionnaire from us by e-mail. When you have completed and returned the questionnaire, we will contact you.