Coaching and supervision

For professionals who are treating, dealing with or caring for survivors of ritualized abuse, we offer coaching and supervision, for example for:

  • therapists,
  • teachers,
  • doctors,
  • lawyers,
  • buddies,
  • caretakers,
  • and other professionals.

You may have questions that were not answered on this website.
Or, you may not know how to deal with a situation you were confronted with.

Professionals affiliated with the TGG Knowledge Center offer:

  • A short answer to an incidental question sent by e-mail. This is free of charge if it remains incidental.
  • A one-time consultation with a professional (by phone or in person). See further below.
  • A coaching trajectory or supervision trajectory.
    Your goals and the number of meetings will be determined in consultation. In principle, these conversations take place at the coach or supervisor’s office but they can also be conducted by telephone.


Private: € 80 per one hour conversation, excluding VAT.
On behalf of the employer: € 150 per one hour conversation, excluding VAT.

Please feel free to submit your request or registration for a trajectory via our contact form.
It would be really helpful if you could state your profession and the organization for which you work.