The TGG Knowledge Center initiated many activities. Therefore, we need extra manpower!
We momentarily need:


There is an urgent need for a treasurer on the board. Specific expertise concerning organized abuse is not required. That would of course be a nice bonus, but a treasurer who cares for our work and can perform more remote supporting work is conceivable.

We love to hear from you.


This involves translating the texts of the website and the articles posted into English and German. And to translate the English articles into Dutch. We also have German literature that we would like to have translated into Dutch.
People who can translate from and into French or Spanish are also welcome!
You can also sign up to translate parts of the texts.

We consider it of utmost importance that the texts become available in other languages ​​on the internet site, for the benefit of survivors and relief workers, since we are aware of the international nature of ritualized abuse.

Active workgroup members

The working group of the TGG Knowledge Center can be expanded.

We are looking for professional counsellors and therapists who have experience with the consequences of ritualized abuse, via their clients or otherwise. We expect active commitment and contribution. We work in an open, positive, down-to-earth and constructive atmosphere.

If you endorse the objective of the foundation and can commit to this work, we invite you to let us know via the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.